Decision Support Platform

Making investment decisions just by looking at forecast numbers is a very risky business. Forecast Insight provides the assumptions that drive the forecast and tracks the way forecasts evolve.

This transparency gives decision makers a more holistic and tangible view of the risks and opportunities involved in making the investment. It leads to more confident decisions, more insightful decisions and a real positive contribution to better returns on capital.

Delivery Of Benefits

Forecast outputs and associated documented assumptions are part of an integrated system

Forecast outputs and associated documented assumptions are part of an integrated system

All steps of the forecasting process, and how the forecast evolves, are easily accessible as they are presented in a Storyboard format.

All data is time stamped enabling an audit of changes in both assumptions and forecasts over time.

Comparisons of both narrative data and forecast numbers by market, product, forecasting organisation etc. are available.

All forecasting information can be shared across all relevant stakeholders in a consistent and timely manner- a real ‘Single Truth’ approach.

Fixing The Problem

How does Forecast Insight fix the problem?

Forecast Insight provides the right information to the right people at the right time.

Forecast Insight has a Storyboard Structure that maps the evolution of the forecast process. Forecast Insight delivers a ‘Forecasting Communication Platform’, building trust between forecast creators and users. This leads to the ultimate objective of confident decision makers.

Purpose & Scope
Forecast Model Logic

Purpose & Scope

What business process or investment decision is the forecast supporting?



What is driving market share growth; what market access challenges are there, what future events are modelled…


Forecast Model Design

How are qualitative assumptions modelled in to quantitative outputs?



How do different markets value same / different assets; does forecast quality improve over time?