In order to assess the quality of a forecast for a future product launch there is an increasing demand from forecast users/decision makers for more context, more actionable insights and a more visible linkage between the assumptions that drive the forecast and the numerical output. This is what Forecast Insight provides.

“You may – like most forecasters – think that what decision makers want from a forecast is numbers – particularly the “bottom line”. You would be wrong. Whilst decision-makers do want to see the bottom line, they really want to see it the context of a story that they can understand and believe. This paper outlines a proven process for generating and delivering that story to your decision makers.”

Gary Johnson (MD, InPharmation)

About Forecast Insight

Forecasting is more than just the numbers... much more. We believe it is time you had ‘much more’ at your fingertips.

Our Solutions

We do not develop forecasting models. Instead we focus on communicating the forecast.

Meet The Team

Our team has years of experience in forecasting and developing software solutions.

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